Our Founder

Generation W began with one woman and one idea: Donna Orender’s belief that when people, especially women, come together, magic happens.

Generation W launched as a one day event in April 2012 as a venue to bring women together and build thought leadership, confidence and engagement around the currency of great ideas. 


Generation W elevates the human spirit – inspires action, connection, and community.

We Envision

A culture where ALL women and girls are valued, and equity is prized. The catalyst for change is broad collaboration and cultural transformation that collectively inspire a kinder, more inclusive, and equitable world.

We Believe

In the Positive and the Possible Every voice has value

The ability to connect is a Superpower

When you LIVE and LEARN together, you can LEAD together

Elevating women and girls elevates us ALL

Today, Generation W is an ever growing and enthusiastic community, a national non-profit, that embraces the guiding tenets of education, inspiration, connection and the impact of women’s leadership in the service of building vibrant, healthier, and more equitable communities. Generation W includes four key components: Generation W, Generation WOW, Generation WORKS, and the best-selling book, WOWsdom! The girl’s guide to the Positive and the Possible (WOWsdom!)

Generation W’s programs are nationally recognized and continue to propel change. Our events, books, and curriculums work together to create awareness and understanding of the relevant issues of our time and the action steps available to affect change. Generation W is a community created with a fundamental belief in the inclusion of all. We offer an open invitation to all who are interested in being their best and contributing to making their world better to join us. 


Generation W’s signature event is a catalyst for connecting and inspiring movers and changers, business leaders and entrepreneurs, innovators and influencers, and anyone who wants to be the best version of themselves. Drawing a national audience, Generation W is a day-long unique experience that creates greater awareness and understanding of the relevant and resonant issues and identifies the action steps available to affect change. This life-changing event inspires personal and professional growth at the individual, corporate, and community level.

Generation WOW is a girl-inspired movement driven by the values of the Positive and Possible. It creates opportunities for learning, inspiration, leadership, and mentorship connections that enhance girls’ lives. To date, Generation WOW has reached thousands of girls across the country through its comprehensive year-round programming that is rooted in a social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum based on the best-selling book WOWsdom!. Generation WOW’s programming includes national leadership events, WOW Clubs, quarterly events, learning excursions, dedicated mentorship, and community service projects.

Generation WORKS is a city-wide day of service galvanizing hundreds of volunteers to wire, weld, wash, and work their magic to elevate and transform schools and agencies across Northeast Florida. WORKS serves nonprofit and corporate agencies by providing volunteer support they would not otherwise have. It’s a day that creates lasting impact for all involved, while also building understanding, stronger communities, and more connected citizens and neighbors. Founded as a way to spotlight the value of women’s leadership, WORKS illuminates women who are often leading in the areas of education, advocacy, and non-profit work.

WOWsdom! The girl’s guide to the Positive and the Possible

WOWsdom! is a unique book that unites the WOW of girls with the WISDOM of women. Using the power of authentic storytelling, WOWsdom! provides encouragement and offers real-world advice to help teen girls prepare to meet the challenges they will face in their lifetimes. The messages of self-love, resilience, leadership, healthy choices, and more resonate with all ages and backgrounds and are designed to inspire readers by reminding them that they are not alone in this world. The letters and lessons in WOWsdom! serve as the foundation for the WOWsdom! Curriculum that is rooted in SEL and is currently utilized in WOW Clubs across the country.